Sunday, August 14, 2005

iDeskoid is the Rodney Dangerfield of PC-based robot. Instead of using a laptop, an alternative is to customize an LCD monitor + a Mini ITX board. I don't know which way is the best. It is all up to the end users.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Taipei City MRT's "Funny" Non-Robotic Wireless Internet Stand

Good news for Taipei's Metro RapidTransit (subway) commuters. It is now possible to surf the net with your own PDA or laptop; thanks to . Obviously, MRT is no IKEA, comfortable sofa are nowhere in sight. This could be Taipei Mayor Ma's feeble attempt to boost Internet "juice" consumption. Some may successfully argue that it is better than nothing. Perhaps the logic is not to make surfing the net too comfortable, otherwise people will refuse to leave the premises.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

This is not your uncle Bob's PC case!

This is a barebone iDeskoid. To cut development cost,I have utilized robotic parts taken from Evolution Robotic's ER1 kit. A Mini ITX motherboard can be mounted some where inside the bottom clear case, just like many other PC based robot.

As you can see, the upper table-case can be used as a stowage for all kinds of peripherals, USB or Firewire related. The height can also be automatically adjusted with a simple remote control.

Just like the ER1, iDeskoid can also be used with a laptop. Thus, iDeskoid can be consider as a robotic docking station. With iDeskoid, your laptop can now walk and chew gum at the same time. Personally, I believe iDeskoid makes a decent "ER3". Unfortunately, this suggestion failed to entice any decision makers at Evolution Robotic.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I have the actual "working" prototype in my possession. The edges aren't rough, but there are countless issues to smooth out. I have shown the picture of it to a "trusted" few. But, some of them innocently mistaken me as a "robot salesman". I am not a robot salesman per se. I am only a concept promoter of "robotic PC" or more precisely, my "salesmanship" for lack of better words, only pertains to the iDeskoid version. Some of the functions and features of robotic features are still rather vague. At this moment in time, selling iDeskoid robot door to door would probably be the least enjoyable job in the world. Since the prototype is ready for the show, the moment of truth is palpitating. Within less than 10 hours, I will be meeting a prominent Aluminum based PC case maker in Taiwan. Hope for the best, but expect the worst. Such a cliche that always comes in handy.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

"This iDeskoid idea just may be crazy enough to work"; a direct quote from a prominent tech industry executive whom wishes to remain anonymous.
"This is the all-In-One PC that makes other so-called All-In-One PC before it seemed rather incomplete"; a quote extracted from the tips of million users's tongues whom once thought that All-In-One PC is an impressive technological "breakthrough".

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Progress update: I have consigned the task of building the iDeskoid prototype to a leading industrial design firm in Taiwan. The actual physical "functional" prototype will be available some time before the end of May 2005. Please stand by. In the mean time, I am unable to excuse myself for not attending this year. But to attend such event without a physical prototype may be an exerise in futility. Well, may be next time.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

My funny iDeskoid Robotic PC

Sweet, comic iDeskoid Robotic PC;
You make everybody smile with their hearts.

Your looks are laughable;
Robotic photographable;
Yet, you're my favorite work of art.

Is your owner - a hopeless geek?
Is your battery - a little weak?
When you open it will it leak?, are you smart?

Don't change no shape for me;
Not if you care for me;
Stay, little iDeskoid, stay!
Each day is iDeskoid's day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Objective recap...
1. To build a mildly but effective deskoid robotic PC, its exact role will depends on what the user want it to be. It can be a desk, a robot, a PC or all of the above.
2. To broaden the functionalities of a ordinary PC by performing "mitosis" of the PC case. In which the PC case incidentally becomes a smart robotic furniture.
3. To contemplate all the social implication of this Jetsonian furniture.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Robotic is a dynamic potent element(tangible or non-tangible) that will enable user to interact with their personal computers and each others in many new ways. These new modes of user-machine-user interactions will take some fine tuning at first before wide scale realization that iDeskoid is indeed indispensable. It is a unique forward and backward compatible design, meaning it can be both a full featured PC and a platform for personal robotic experimentation, practical or not. This project is a giant leap of faith and a cold calculated functional PC case design that may just catchs on. Frankly, with my luck, I doubt it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

iSight Digital "Periscope"

Once Mac Mini gone robotically mobile, it would be perfectly feasible to configure the beloved iSight camera to function as a digital periscope over IP. Unlike the optical periscope, user of iSight digital periscope do not have to be under the desk to use it. In fact you don't even have to in the same room. The rotation of the iSight Periscope can be controlled by the PowerMate knob from Griffin Technology remotely.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

As always, Al knows what he is talking about.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The greatest PC vendors have something to learn
from Magical Mr. Wayne Chiang's extraordinary conjuring robotic PC rig.
And you'll all say
Oh! Well I never was there ever
A PC design so clever as magical Mr. Wayne Chiang's

With the processing power of two Mac Mini, and the accompanied hard disks storage space, this iDeskoid is configure to be an automated "rapid fire" photo capturing machine or the photographer's Gatling Gun. A prolific slide show making machine. Now, the photographer can be in front of the camera lens and really be part of his or her photographic experience. The onboard LCD monitor serves as a viewfinder, just a part of this advance robotic interactive photography.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

iDeskoid is a "bandwagon" design for the Mac Mini to hop on, and vice versa.

Since it is such a flexible and versatile "bandwagon", we fully expect this "dual Mac Mini in perfect harmony" configuration. A St. Valentine's Day Special!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

By itself, Mac Mini is an oxymoronic portable desktop computer, but with iDeskoid the Mac Mini becomes a de-oxymoronic portable desktop computer. It may not be as portable as PDA or laptop, but in a domestic settings, iDeskoid enables Mac Mini to be always right-next-to-you, actively or passively.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

However, iDeskoid is in no position to recommend any particular operating system at this time.

Monday, January 17, 2005

The Unofficial Mac Mini Enlarger.

The placement of the Mac Mini unit at the lower deck is just for representation purpose only. Due to its small size, user can put it into the upper deck as well.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Mac Mini, you complete me!
Is it obvious that this robo-techno-furniture (iDesk) is the ideal Mac Mini Docking Station/Transporter. More precisely, this will not only be the Mac Mini Dock, it can also a iPod Dock(with speakers mounted), a highly versatile holistic "iDock" if you will. Somebody need to tell Steve Jobs about this. I really like to know what he think about this idea. Mac's market share and the success of digital hub concept could be depend on it. With this mobile Mac Mini Docking Staiton, Apple will dominate the digital living room and beyond. Perhaps Steve Jobs did not get into computer case miniaturization just for miniaturization sake. Mac Mini must be the first step of a more triumphant scheme. Just like the iPod, Apple will make more money by selling all kinds of slightly overpriced accessories to enrich the Mac Mini, and this robotic iDesk would be the ultimate Mac Mini accessory. If Mac Mini is indeed such a brilliant idea, Robotic iDesk would be the missing piece of the puzzle that will make this Mac Mini idea even better.
The portability of Mac Mini can be misleading. By itself, Mac Mini seemed very portable, but once connceted it isn't any more portable than a full size G5 tower. Therefore, building a mildly robotic desk around Mac Mini makes sense.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mobile Mac Mini Docking Station

The iLamp which can be configure to clap-on & clap-off. (a sound recognition technology)

There always had been a strong will among PC aficionados to enable PC to do all sorts of different tasks often not intended for PC. Sometimes it may not be the most cost effective. But such endeavor not only provides a sense of accomplishment, but also adds to the total satisfaction of PC ownership. This hobbyist mentality is almost an addiction. Deskoid Robotics wishes to take this tradition to a whole new level. Yes, CPU will be faster, memmory can be added, bandwidth will improve, software can be upgraded to N-th edition, but without structural modification (on the PC case) certain tasks just can't be performed.

The relationship between a PC and its owner is unique. No other tools or device can be so "easily" configured and customized in virtually infinite ways. The robotic element will no doubt boost this dynamic situation.

Adding robotic element to a PC is a matter of finesse, sometimes you need a little, sometimes you need a lot. Especially, when this industry still emerging. Having PC as a stepping stone to robotic has certain implications. Chances are, applications that involves the robotic element may need some degrees of fine toning and configuration from users. At first not every robotic operation will be carry out perfectly for everybody. No one wants to spend too much money on a semi-functional robot, but to compensate such shortcoming it is good to knowt that this particular Deskoid robot is also a fully functional PC. Eventually, the robotic element will be fully functional and ready for prime time.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Robotic Poetry in Motion

A down-to-earth version of the Mars Explorer.
Smoothly, it rolls across the roomba-ed floor.
It is still a PC and ready to do more.
Even before the CPU becomes multi core.

Configure it to record your own snore
Pretend like nobody ever heard it before
Lower the volume, and ask
Is this the sound signature of a lazy dinosaur?

With iPod docked, it plays your favorite rockin' roll
With a tripod docked, it takes pictures while you stroll
Digitally captures the color of the leaves
that changes beautifully when Summer turns into Fall

No longer the need to hold the camera,
Your hands never been more unsteady
this is robotic digital photography era.
Just smile, and pictures had been sent already

Send and retrieve lots of precious smiles
Flirt remotely with this digital periscope
from just a few feet or across a thousand miles
control your passion or get ready to elope

robotic videoconference is in sesssion and there is no need to pose
friends and family may be far away but yet, they feel so close
casually put on your good shoes and get ready to run away
when you detect clues that special someone is about to propose

This robot looks friendly but may be a foe.
Time to train it to recognize and avoid your toe
that pungent smell of your Birkenstock
Reminds us to ask Bill Gates when will this robot be in stock

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Robotic PC is PC-unleashed.
The implication of such unleashment shouldn't be "mis-underestimated". Comparing Robotic PC and ordinary PC is like comparing an RV and a tent. You can certainly park an RV on the driveway and use it as a tent, but why do just that? Sure, a tent is much cheaper than an RV, but an RV offers a lot more. Robotic PC also tries to offers more, especially the Deskoid version. It is almost too obvious why we need to make a domestic robot that mimics certain characteristics of a furniture, i.e. a desk. This design approach provides lots of collateral benefits. Besides, the interior of human domestic living habitat are known to be a great place for furnitures of all kinds.
The success of robotic PC form factor does not depend on how many desktop/laptop will be replaced by it. Deskoid Robotic is an active ingredient that will be added to what is already a potent mixture of PC related technology. This blog will make more sense, if you ask, Will there be enough practical real-world applications for robotic PC to thrive? But, if you keep on scratching your own head and ask, What can a PC with robotic ability do? perhaps robotic PC is not for you, yet.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

The leap of imagination from PC to robotic seemed too easy. The trick is to make the robot more furniture-ish, thus more home-friendly. As if IKEA is behind the whole project. In the future realm of digital home, the line between appliance and furniture is blurring, at the same time when some PC begins to look more and more like an appliance. The question is...How can PC, appliance, furniture all blurred into one?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The wheels on the Deskoid Robot goes round and round, all through the living room.

The PDA style remote control with a LCD viewfinder can be use to control this Deskoid rover for all kinds of video or photographic related activities, such as "Deskarazzi".

Can this also be a real time live video streaming server? No need to email any more picturs, just make this computer a picture sharing web server for your friends and family.
A tripod will give you an extra height and stability during automated photo shooting. The wireless gamepad can be use to steer the Deskoid and rotate the tripod or control various camera related functions. Both LCD monitor and PDA can be use as the viewfinder. Now taking picture will felt more like looking into a mirror.
Also, don't be fooled by the ordinary looking lamp, user can turn on this "ilamp" in many different ways. One can also make it illuminate differently to signify the condition of the stock market performance , or when certain important email message arrived.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

May I have your attention please!
Will the real iDeskoid Robotic PC please stand up
I don't think we gonna have a problem here.

Is it a robot?
Is it a PC?
Is it a desk?

Why can't a product be all three of the above?
Consequentially, it is also a universal docking station for camera, phone , iPod and who knows what else?
From a PC case stand point, this unique double-box sandwich design provides easy access to all the PC/robotic peripherals and parts that will integral part of this robotic furniture. The upper table box(off-yellowish) is no ordinary table top. Various gears such as monitor, speakers and input devices can be dock or snap-on securely on to it from all sides. The lower base-box(red) encloses those components use less or indirectly by the user. This division of labor between two decks also makes troubleshooting a bit easier. For example, Firewire and USB 2.0 hub should be on the top. Motherboard, CPU, power supply, primary system HD and mobility related gears/wheels goes to the bottom. An optional secondary user data storage in the form of external hard disk enclosure can be place on top. Now, PC related problems can be catergorized into upper deck problem or lower deck prolems. The days of wheel-less single-box PC case design are numbered.

For the Chinese version of this blog please go to

Monday, July 26, 2004

Until the arrival of a fully functional humanoid robot, a deskoid robot can be ready to serve much sooner than expected. Besides trying to be a robot, the Deskoid Robotic PC system makes all those pesky external PC peripherals seamlessly internal. That is the benefit of the next generation all-in-one double decker design. PC peripherals of various kind just snapped-on to the specially designed apertures of different sizes on the upper table-deck.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Why? Because you can't teach old furniture new tricks.

This is the Deskoid Robotic PC being utilizes as a modular but true all-in-one PC. Isn't it nice to have all PC peripherals organized this way? Now user can relocate an entire PC to any room and begins to be productive almost right away. Even with all the external peripherals attached to it. Have you tried to relocate a laptop with all the external peripherals attached to it? Almost impossible without having to disconnect some cables and wires.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

This demostrates that Deskoid Robotic PC can be utilizes as a ordinary PC in the presence of a ordinary table. 

Friday, July 16, 2004

A Deskoid Robotic PC configured specially for VoIP communication such as Skype. With this PC, Skype user can talk the talk and walk the walk at the same time or just sit on a living room sofa. This robotic PC will accommodate user's unpredictable location and posture changes that may often occur during a phone/videoconference conversation.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A more updated picture of a Deskoid Robotic PC in its upright form.
Notice the cordless input devices storage compartment.

Monday, July 12, 2004

This is Deskoid Robotic PC in its "robot" roaming-ready mode. In such mode, LCD monitor and input devices can be hidden or unmounted for weight reduction.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Ironically, how ordinary desks had been immuned to the "virus' of technological advancement for so long. Many high tech gadgets had been place on top of it, and despite the fact that many PC are often referred as "Desktop". But yet, the desk still remained the most primitive piece of human creation. When will they give us such a deskoid robotic "Active Furniture", Do we have to wait for Ikea to merge with Microsoft?

Saturday, June 26, 2004

As you can see, the table-top of this robot behave sort of like a motherboard for external devices. All kinds of common PC external devices can be mounted on this securly, For small table on the move, this makes mounting and dismounting devices a quick snap. All the PC related peripherals can be snapped into one physical entity, but yet remain modularly flexible. Borg Cube is the only machine that I know also behave this way.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

The orange box (sits in between the two large blue boxes) represents a miniture system unit. It controls the rotation of the red wheels and the attached photo monopod. Some calls it, the brain of the robot.

Friday, April 23, 2004

If you want to know what my invention is exactly and expect a few "simple" answers, here are a bunch of them:
It is a computer enhancer that enhanses computer robotically.
It is a PC desk infected with digital contagion.
If is a PC that IKEA might built if IKEA is in the computer industry.
It is a computer with desk buit-in and functionally integrated.
It is a computer with height-adjustable desk and mechanized wheels.
It is a computer with height-adjustable desk, mechanized wheels, and means rotational monopod attachment.
It is a computer with height-adjustable desk and mechanized wheels, in which the rotation of the wheels monopods are controlled by the onboard computer.
it is a PC based deskoid robot that can be used as a full featured PC.
It is a remote automated picture capturing machine.
It is a remote control camera/tripod carrier, mover and pointer.
It is a roaming multi-device docking station for all digital related device and peripherals.
It is a humble general purpose personal robot.
It is a digital (video and audio) jukebox on wheels
It is a techno tower of babel.
It is a two-way mobile videoconference "Mars Rover" for Earth bounded souls.
It is a computer that will out run other world's "fastest" supercomputer from physically from point A to point B.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

With the LCD monitor mounted on the side the deskoid robot can be used as a PC rack.
The PC unit is beyond the LCD monitor. Obviously, the whole setup is design to be placed on a desk not on a floor. With this setup, user can relocate their PC and all the peripherals from one room to another in no more than one trip.

The camera and LCD monitor do not have to face the same direction during image capture sessions. In fact the monitor can even be folded or detached.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Here are some example of PC-based robot websites

When a PC is robotically automated, all other related peripherals are collaterally automated as well.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Updated Product Concept in 2 pages (Chinese Traditional)

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Here is a Word doc in Chinese


Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Frequently Asked Questions

1, What is a PC Outfitter?
PC outfitter is basically a mobile docking station for a small size compact PC with a height adjustable table top that can be used to mount various types of peripherals especially a tripod or a mechanized rotational mono-pods. In another word, it is basically a wheel chair for the "handicapped" PC. I hope I am not the first one to make you realize that most PC in this world are more or less blind, deaf or crippled.

2, What can an PC Outfitter do?
It enables an ordinary PC to be more like a robot, complete with mobility sense of sight and sound.

3, What are the user benefits of PC Outfitter?With the PC Outfiter, PC will no longer be stationary, but an intelligent auto-roaming communication appliance capable of serving user in many more new intimate ways that an ordinary stationary PC just can't do.

4, What is the difference between PC Outfitter and notebook/PDA computer as far as mobility is concern?
Let's not confuse portable mobility with robotic remote control mobility. Without PC Outfitter, your notebook can't move by itself from room to room and take pictures along the way. In fact a notebook computer can't move an inch despite how "fast" the CPU happens to be.

5, What do I need a PC that can move from room to room or point A to point B?
Due to the fact that PC is the central connection point for all types of multimedia related peripherals, such as speakers, microphone, and digtial cameras. With these audio and image capturing devices and WiFi connection, a PC can be easily turned into a mobile videoconfeain, didn't happen this time.

For some economists, these things represent structural flaws in the economy which will make the expansion less potent and less long than the ones that preceded it.And finally, from The Economist:

The main reason for doubting that America is back on a path of strong, sustainable growth is that it has failed to purge the excesses of its previous boom. It is, to say the least, odd that at the beginning of an economic recovery many indicators—low saving, rampant household borrowing, record house-building and uncomfortably high stockmarket p/e ratios to name but a few—have more the look of a cycle that is drawing to a close.
I think the US economy is going to do fine in the short-run. But I do worry that these long-term imbalances are going to make it impossible for the US to enjoy a sustained boom over the next several years, as we would normally expect at this stage in the business cycle. And judging by some of the financial press recently, I am apparently not alone.

ese long-term imbalances are going to make it impossible for the US to enjoy a sustained boom over the next several years, as we would normally expect at this stage in the business cycle. And judging by some of the financial press recently, I am apparently not alone.

ice, please leave this button somewhere on your blogger-powered page.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Sorry to beat around the bush for too long. It isn't easy to see the forest one is deep in the woods. Adding mechanized wheels to a PC in a manner that I have suggested seemed to have a tremendous implication. After that is done, a robotic PC will play a even bigger role in:
1. Remote security monitoringThat means being able to monitor a location remotely.
2. Robotic photography Enable digital cameral to capture and stitch digital photo into one contiuous panoramic picture. Also makes time-lapse photograhphy easy
3. Mobile Videoconference It turn any rooms of your house or office into a full featured videoconference room including the restroom.
4. Centralized Multi-device mobile docking station This sounds self-explanatory enough.
5. AV-appliance intergration PC-based Sunday backyard endless music Jukebox. No need to go to the phone, when the phone rings. The caller can visually drive the PC-phone combo appliance to where you are according to the onboard floormap of your home.
6. Long distance eLearning This is a way to recorder or re-broadcast the teaching material of entire classroom session in realtime. In an age of highly contagious disease, to stay home doesn't mean that you have to miss the class.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

It is about time for PC users to wise-up and demand a non-handicapped PC from the PC makers. With ubiquitous WiFi technology, the PC is on the verge of being unleashed into a self-mobile domestic communicative appliance, fully able to be not just a computer but a robotic carrier/ universal mobile docking stations for all types of devices such as digital camera, mobile phone, mp3 player just to name a few. Whomever to fulfill PC's robotic, mobile and roaming destiny will be the first to successfully lead the invasion of PC in the living room.

Friday, October 24, 2003

If an airport can be made to be mobile like the air craft carrier why can't a computer be made to be like a mobile robotic digital gear carrier/docking station and roam freely where ever is needed. What is once stationary will be roamingly mobile if technology allows it.

For a pdf copy of the actual patent please click below
Please note that the pictures within the patent are minimal and for representation only. The actual product will be more presentable commercially. The copy of this patent also does not show all other possible and user customize-able attachements that will be added to the product, in which will make the total product even more versatile and useful. As the sole patent owner for this innovative PC outfitter device I am currently seeking PC manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003


The above picture shows how such device can be a mobile tripod/camera carrier. Such device can be easily programmed to accept all kinds of control command from a wireless Playstation style game-pad. Controls which might include both camera pan/tilt/zoom and room to room relocation of the entire device. With a mechanized camera rotative attachement, whatever the camera sees can be be transmitted locally or remotely in a way similar to submarine's periscope. Except the fact that the medium for such image relay aren't totally optical but digitally over IP traffic.

The above picture shows the device in a collapsed mode. In such collapsed mode this device can be utilize as an all-in-one desktop PC with the monitor ergonomically mounted on the side for comfortable viewing. None other all-in-one PC design is nearly as versatile as this one.

The above pictures show the device in a more extended video capture mode. The general rule of thumb is that the device will be small enough to be nimble but big enough to be stable. I believe such balance can be easily achieved. For safety, when using such device as a robot, it makes sense to lower the main table-top to lower the center of gravity to avoid tipped over.

The picture shows the device in a collapsed mode. The apertures on the table top is design to accommodate all types of additional peripherals.

This pictue shows the device in an leg-extended mode. Not an ideal mode for remote roaming but ideal as a make-shift stationary PC kiosk.

This is a cross-sectional view of the device. Further showing the potential multi-devices mobile docking-station product concept.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

With just some minimal mechanical modifications and additions, a PC can be much more useful than what it is now. Unlike other home appliances, a PC-based informational appliance is a prime candidate for a near-robotic or a stepping stone towards a full-featured robotic reality. Due to user's comfort level with PC, it makes even more sense to have an appliance with dual role of PC/robot. This is a new kind of photo-communication robotic appliance that will enable those lonely PC users around the world to reconnect with other people both in the chat room and out. In fact, this appliance will turn any room in the world into a full-featured "chat room" complete with all the bells and whistles. In another world, this appliance will turn any room in this world into a full-featured videoconference room. And I believe is the only way for videoconference to popularize.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Besides the badly needed mechanized wheels, height adjustability, and photo rotational attachments, there is another aspect of modern PC usage that needs to be addressed. Being an avid PC user myself, I noticed that PC's relationship with all its peripheral devices can often be describe as nothing less than a total unmanageable mess or docking stations overload in a physical sense. The problem is that when more docking station is attahced to a PC the less "mobile" the PC become. Not that the PC is fully mobile in the first place. Therefore, I suggest that PC should be a mobile multi-device docking station for devices such as mobile phone, PDA, iPod mp3 players, wallet, Rolex watches, door and car keys, eye glasses, diamond rings, or any things that you don't leave home with out, and finally a smoke detector just in case of fire emergency so your PC can inform you locally by the onboard loud speaker or globally by sms, email or MSN instant messenger. God only knows how many life this PC of the next generation will save?

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

"Operation PC Versatility Enhancing via Robotic Mobilization" started when something in the air inspires me to explore what if one can equip wheels to the bottom of a computer? Also let the computer issue precisely control over the rotation of the wheels. Later I realize that some sort of height adjustablity similar to a photo-tripod is necessary feature. This train of thoughts later evolved into the unique photo-oriented attachement design embodied in my patent.
Ironically, the PC being the most proliferated and versatile appliance ever created by mankind can be even more useful by incorporating what my patent suggests. Any modification that enhances the overall functions of a PC should be granted a fair chance, especially in this ultra competitive "Post-PC" Era. If for any reason, the entire PC industry refuses to make a PC more like a wified-photo-robot, somebody better give me a damn good explanation. Otherwise, I am going to make an appointment to be the first to jump off from the top of the Building 101 in the city of Taipei, before it is still the tallest skyscraper in the world. That would be a good test to see if the unique bambooish/wedding cake design is actually suicide-proof.

My previous attempts to entice known electronic and computer vendors with my patent has been nothing but painful uphill battles. I've been warn that the corporate world does not welcome an inventor with open arms. I am currently seeking a computer related magazine publishers to publish a story regarding my patent. While vacationing in Koh Samui of Thailand, I met a reporter from CNN. Not surprisingly, he believes that my patent and its seemingly unlimited product potentials makes a very news-worthy tech story. My experience in posting in Google newsgroups had also been negative to say the least. But most of my face -to-face, one-on-one discussion about the potential of my patent has been very encouraging. Naturally, because, I have given more thought energy toward my own patent than anybody else.
Soon I will upgrade this blogger account necessary for image upload. That way I won't risk over-explain or under-explain what my patent is about. After that is done, I guess it might be time to contact a magazine publisher or two.

Perhaps it would only be a matter of time for Microsoft to release Windows OS Robotic Edition. After all, Media Center Edition 200X OS doesn't not sound exciting enough for most of us to reach for our wallets.
Robotic vacuum does have its charm, but let's not overlook the fact that the real worthwhile technological challenge is robotic photography. With some kind of image tracking and auto-stitching 360 degree on the fly panoramic, or endlessly panoramic design to show a entire street of a popular business district like the 5th Ave of New York. With today's few hundred giga size hardrive, camera attached to a PC can take an endless photo around the world for God only knows how many times. Also time lapsed photography for effortless capture of image of a sunset or sunrise.
Apple's iSight Firewire webcam claimed to be some sort of "breakthrough" but the breakthough is only limited in cosmetic sense. Users still aren't able to control the pan/tilt/zoom that is common in a high end videoconference system. Robotic PC is the ideal camera carrying appliance in a semi-controlled environment. Such as a warehouse, retail store, or domestic living room. My patent design aim to offer a camera independent solution for pan/tilt/zoom. Plus it will remotely relocate the camera to an optimal location in near real time. How cool is that? Online experience will be even less virtual and more real. Such actual remote mingle machine is fully capable of chatting with a roomful of live people in a meeting or at a party.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Similar to the ER1 robot from, my patented invention is also a docking station for PC with mechanized wheels and camera attachement. I have informed Evolution Robotics about my patent but they'd pretty much ignored me. But I did managed to get a phone interview for a job from Evolution Robotic's human resource dept. But unfortunately I was under-qualify.
ER1 is like a version 1.0 robot. There are many rooms for improvement. Improvement such as height-adjustments and a mechanized rotational attachement that mimic the function of the human neck. At first I expect ER1 to quickly evolved into a robot that is similar to my patented design. But some how no one seemed to share my vision. Which is, why not design a robot that can function as a full featured PC or vice versa? Please note that I am using the word "robot" in its minimal and non-humanoid sense.

The hidden trend of PC slowly evolving to a robot is not very apparent. Yes, your PC might not be blind (attached with a webcam); might not be deaf (equiped with speakers/microphone; but it is most likely immobile. That is to say that most PC I know can't move an inch by itself. Despite the fact that how "fast" the CPU might be. The PC industry had been selling us handicapped PC and I wonder why till now, no one had filed a complaint. To enable a PC to move from point A to point B makes a lot of sense. With Wifi connection, a PC relay many types of information via the Internet. To be able to move a PC just like NASA move its Rover at the surface of Mars isn't that far-fetched. To say that such device "might be" useful is a total understatement.

Similar to the Rover that NASA sent to Mars, PC-based digital robotic photography appliance is a two-way communicative intraplanetary explorational rover for the earthly bounded souls like you and me.
With WiFi connection and my patented (US 6,443,543) product concept, PC is on the verge of evolving into a mildly robotic domestic communicative appliance. (or a mobile digital hub) Basically, as a height-adjustable mobile PC docking station with mechanized monopod/camera attachement. This PC/robot/camera will boldly go where no PC had gone before. (For example, Woman's locker room) It is no secret now that a WiFied PC on mechanized wheels is an ideal camera carrier. With the mechanized rotational monopod that enables the onboard camera to point towards the right direction. By remotely navigating this PC with a newly learned or exsiting floor plan and the onboard camera, while relaying the streamed images... One can "drive" PC around no matter where you are. But... Did I just describe how mortal masses can obtain this power of omnipresence?