Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mobile Mac Mini Docking Station

The iLamp which can be configure to clap-on & clap-off. (a sound recognition technology)

There always had been a strong will among PC aficionados to enable PC to do all sorts of different tasks often not intended for PC. Sometimes it may not be the most cost effective. But such endeavor not only provides a sense of accomplishment, but also adds to the total satisfaction of PC ownership. This hobbyist mentality is almost an addiction. Deskoid Robotics wishes to take this tradition to a whole new level. Yes, CPU will be faster, memmory can be added, bandwidth will improve, software can be upgraded to N-th edition, but without structural modification (on the PC case) certain tasks just can't be performed.

The relationship between a PC and its owner is unique. No other tools or device can be so "easily" configured and customized in virtually infinite ways. The robotic element will no doubt boost this dynamic situation.

Adding robotic element to a PC is a matter of finesse, sometimes you need a little, sometimes you need a lot. Especially, when this industry still emerging. Having PC as a stepping stone to robotic has certain implications. Chances are, applications that involves the robotic element may need some degrees of fine toning and configuration from users. At first not every robotic operation will be carry out perfectly for everybody. No one wants to spend too much money on a semi-functional robot, but to compensate such shortcoming it is good to knowt that this particular Deskoid robot is also a fully functional PC. Eventually, the robotic element will be fully functional and ready for prime time.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Robotic Poetry in Motion

A down-to-earth version of the Mars Explorer.
Smoothly, it rolls across the roomba-ed floor.
It is still a PC and ready to do more.
Even before the CPU becomes multi core.

Configure it to record your own snore
Pretend like nobody ever heard it before
Lower the volume, and ask
Is this the sound signature of a lazy dinosaur?

With iPod docked, it plays your favorite rockin' roll
With a tripod docked, it takes pictures while you stroll
Digitally captures the color of the leaves
that changes beautifully when Summer turns into Fall

No longer the need to hold the camera,
Your hands never been more unsteady
this is robotic digital photography era.
Just smile, and pictures had been sent already

Send and retrieve lots of precious smiles
Flirt remotely with this digital periscope
from just a few feet or across a thousand miles
control your passion or get ready to elope

robotic videoconference is in sesssion and there is no need to pose
friends and family may be far away but yet, they feel so close
casually put on your good shoes and get ready to run away
when you detect clues that special someone is about to propose

This robot looks friendly but may be a foe.
Time to train it to recognize and avoid your toe
that pungent smell of your Birkenstock
Reminds us to ask Bill Gates when will this robot be in stock

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Robotic PC is PC-unleashed.
The implication of such unleashment shouldn't be "mis-underestimated". Comparing Robotic PC and ordinary PC is like comparing an RV and a tent. You can certainly park an RV on the driveway and use it as a tent, but why do just that? Sure, a tent is much cheaper than an RV, but an RV offers a lot more. Robotic PC also tries to offers more, especially the Deskoid version. It is almost too obvious why we need to make a domestic robot that mimics certain characteristics of a furniture, i.e. a desk. This design approach provides lots of collateral benefits. Besides, the interior of human domestic living habitat are known to be a great place for furnitures of all kinds.
The success of robotic PC form factor does not depend on how many desktop/laptop will be replaced by it. Deskoid Robotic is an active ingredient that will be added to what is already a potent mixture of PC related technology. This blog will make more sense, if you ask, Will there be enough practical real-world applications for robotic PC to thrive? But, if you keep on scratching your own head and ask, What can a PC with robotic ability do? perhaps robotic PC is not for you, yet.