Sunday, January 30, 2005

By itself, Mac Mini is an oxymoronic portable desktop computer, but with iDeskoid the Mac Mini becomes a de-oxymoronic portable desktop computer. It may not be as portable as PDA or laptop, but in a domestic settings, iDeskoid enables Mac Mini to be always right-next-to-you, actively or passively.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

However, iDeskoid is in no position to recommend any particular operating system at this time.

Monday, January 17, 2005

The Unofficial Mac Mini Enlarger.

The placement of the Mac Mini unit at the lower deck is just for representation purpose only. Due to its small size, user can put it into the upper deck as well.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Mac Mini, you complete me!
Is it obvious that this robo-techno-furniture (iDesk) is the ideal Mac Mini Docking Station/Transporter. More precisely, this will not only be the Mac Mini Dock, it can also a iPod Dock(with speakers mounted), a highly versatile holistic "iDock" if you will. Somebody need to tell Steve Jobs about this. I really like to know what he think about this idea. Mac's market share and the success of digital hub concept could be depend on it. With this mobile Mac Mini Docking Staiton, Apple will dominate the digital living room and beyond. Perhaps Steve Jobs did not get into computer case miniaturization just for miniaturization sake. Mac Mini must be the first step of a more triumphant scheme. Just like the iPod, Apple will make more money by selling all kinds of slightly overpriced accessories to enrich the Mac Mini, and this robotic iDesk would be the ultimate Mac Mini accessory. If Mac Mini is indeed such a brilliant idea, Robotic iDesk would be the missing piece of the puzzle that will make this Mac Mini idea even better.
The portability of Mac Mini can be misleading. By itself, Mac Mini seemed very portable, but once connceted it isn't any more portable than a full size G5 tower. Therefore, building a mildly robotic desk around Mac Mini makes sense.