Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The wheels on the Deskoid Robot goes round and round, all through the living room.

The PDA style remote control with a LCD viewfinder can be use to control this Deskoid rover for all kinds of video or photographic related activities, such as "Deskarazzi".

Can this also be a real time live video streaming server? No need to email any more picturs, just make this computer a picture sharing web server for your friends and family.
A tripod will give you an extra height and stability during automated photo shooting. The wireless gamepad can be use to steer the Deskoid and rotate the tripod or control various camera related functions. Both LCD monitor and PDA can be use as the viewfinder. Now taking picture will felt more like looking into a mirror.
Also, don't be fooled by the ordinary looking lamp, user can turn on this "ilamp" in many different ways. One can also make it illuminate differently to signify the condition of the stock market performance , or when certain important email message arrived.