Friday, April 23, 2004

If you want to know what my invention is exactly and expect a few "simple" answers, here are a bunch of them:
It is a computer enhancer that enhanses computer robotically.
It is a PC desk infected with digital contagion.
If is a PC that IKEA might built if IKEA is in the computer industry.
It is a computer with desk buit-in and functionally integrated.
It is a computer with height-adjustable desk and mechanized wheels.
It is a computer with height-adjustable desk, mechanized wheels, and means rotational monopod attachment.
It is a computer with height-adjustable desk and mechanized wheels, in which the rotation of the wheels monopods are controlled by the onboard computer.
it is a PC based deskoid robot that can be used as a full featured PC.
It is a remote automated picture capturing machine.
It is a remote control camera/tripod carrier, mover and pointer.
It is a roaming multi-device docking station for all digital related device and peripherals.
It is a humble general purpose personal robot.
It is a digital (video and audio) jukebox on wheels
It is a techno tower of babel.
It is a two-way mobile videoconference "Mars Rover" for Earth bounded souls.
It is a computer that will out run other world's "fastest" supercomputer from physically from point A to point B.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

With the LCD monitor mounted on the side the deskoid robot can be used as a PC rack.
The PC unit is beyond the LCD monitor. Obviously, the whole setup is design to be placed on a desk not on a floor. With this setup, user can relocate their PC and all the peripherals from one room to another in no more than one trip.

The camera and LCD monitor do not have to face the same direction during image capture sessions. In fact the monitor can even be folded or detached.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Here are some example of PC-based robot websites

When a PC is robotically automated, all other related peripherals are collaterally automated as well.